Australia’s Disgraceful Carbon Tax

13 10 2011

It’s official.  The carbon tax passed the lower house in Australian parliament.  See this newspaper article for details. (try not to read the comments, they are just so depressing and useless – for some reason they are labelled as “debate” by the Sydney Morning Herald which itself indicates the poor intellectual standards of Australians generally).

I’ve been too busy to track this issue properly.  There have been several major freedom of speech infringements on this issue – which are incredibly disturbing.  And the Labor party has been engaged in other acts of fascism too.  For example Conroy’s internet filter proposal and Andrew Bolt’s recent censorship (now enforced by the High Court) a particularly immoral example of censorship – the fact that he’s motivated by highly flawed Christian ideology is irrelevant.  The fact his censorship was supported by the Labor party speaks volumes of their own personal integrity and myopia.
I have been receiving emails from a group called “Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax”.  I have included one of their emails after my post.  However it’s annoying that this particular group led by Tim Andrews who are rightly against the tax, use terrible arguments.  For example the appeal to democracy per se.  Unchecked democracy is a fundamental part of the problem.  The belief that a government is within it’s rights to violate their citizens’ rights to their own lives simply because a majority of people vote for it.  ie: Mob rule, gang warfare, might = right, some types of utilitarianism philosophy.
And note the strong appeal to tradition.  A pathetically weak argument which I don’t think needs explaining.
So no I certainly don’t support this mob outside of one policy issues.  Ultimately their ideology will also lead to (and has previously led to) rights violations.
However it’s clear from this article that Julia Gillard’s arrogant government are blindly following their egalitarian and pragmatist ideology with total disregard for the facts of reality and freedom. Ie. total disregard for their proper job of protecting people’s rights.  Unfortunately these days politicians like Xeonophon (or Pelosi in USA with her shocking comments over Obamacare) who openly mock freedom in the press – are usually the most popular.  
The state of ethics, politics and economics is appalling and it’s so frustrating because the information is out there for us not to be making these mistakes.  Better theories exist and there is heaps of inductive information from history.  For example, the industrial revolution (doubling of life expectancy), we’ve had the dark ages (Christian philosophy’s day in the sun), we’ve had the failed experiments in socialism (an abstract form of collectivism based on demonstrably false theories) and of course there are many other instances of societies dominated by more primitive racial collectivism and the many ancient and modern religious societies where human existence is an absolute misery – unless you’re a pastafarian like me of course 🙂
If only I lived in a country where people respected each others’ right to their life, understood why freedom is important and essential to their very survival and where people had a more benevolent view of humanity, things would be much better for everyone.  Some people dismiss me as being utopian.  But of course things wouldn’t be perfect, simply better – to deny that some societies work better than others is ignorance and extreme egalitarianism.
I have also been accused (by people who seem to think they are some kind of super advanced psycho-analysis machine from the future) of being motivated by a desire to feel intellectually superior to others – even though my motivations are largely irrelevant to the issue at hand and even though this accusation betrays the mindset of the idiots making the accusation – ie: a person who clearly doesn’t understand the trader principle and wholly accepts a dichotomy between the individual and the collective (even though a collective is made up of individuals).  A person who is perhaps themselves motivated by this ridiculous desire for superiority to satisfy their own insecurities and thinks knowledge is just a game or something.
I don’t feel that way at all.  Sure, I can’t stand how stupid and mentally weak many people turn out these days, but I want to help improve this situation and it’s depressing and frustrating to see otherwise intelligent people not meeting their potential and bringing me and themselves down in the process.  I do not see any chance for freedom and individual rights in Australia in my lifetime.  At best I can hope for stagnation and hope that politicians do as little as possible.  I hate most politicians and wish they were held accountable for the destruction and loss of human life they are directly responsible for.  The problem is of course that another idiot would simply fill their place.  And at the moment there is more value in our flawed government that does somewhat protect an individual’s right to their life (partial permissions really, not rights) than in an anarchy or revolution situation.  The world is in a simultaneously lucky and perilous situation.  We’ve inherited some good legal traditions stemming from superior minds than those of current politicians, but the long term trend is downward and I’m not sure how it can be corrected in an environment hostile to human freedom, prosperity and happiness.
Are there enviro-nazis that have the balls to live up to their own ideology?  The only guidance given by these types that think we should bow down and worship Gaia the earth spirit, is that human action is bad per se (human actions like the actions of any animal have environmental impact).  If humans are benefiting, then the environmental argument gets dragged out.  Logically, if they believe humanity is a blight on the planet, they should kill themselves.  It’s impossible to live with no environmental impact. (incidentally, ancient and more primitive civilizations did more than their fair share of environmental “damage”).  But in my experience, when I visit the homes of greenies I know, they have the TV blaring (even though they’re not even watching it) the heater cranked up (wearing a T-shirt in the middle of winter) all the while preaching a return to a more primitive society.  Blissfully unaware of their hypocrisy.
People also don’t understand the difference between being green and being efficient.  If you save money by cutting back on your heating expenses or similar this is not being green.  This is good sensible efficiency.  It’s like savings in the bank.  You now have more excess resources to invest somewhere else – so overall, there is generally no loss of resource use.  You just redirect your resources into something more desirable.  You save water so you can spend more on a new computer that uses more electricity for example.  Or you buy more investments (probably in a mining company) so you can evade the fact that someone else is making pesky CO2 on your behalf.  Or you buy more toys for your kids (made out of plastic of course).
The carbon tax issue is like a much bigger version of the plastic bag issue that I researched a while back.  Plastic bags were banned from being given out “freely” by supermarkets and all other retail outlets in South Australia.  Thankfully people can still buy plastic bags for their own use, for example as bin liners.  The plastic bag ban was firstly immoral, if you base your morality on human life like I do.  But seen as no one seems willing to debate this issue these days (people are indoctrinated into an impossible moral system so they don’t understand that morality is about improving themselves, not a religious condemnation or a way for someone to manipulate you), lets just look at practicalities:
1) Replacement bags are made from oil – polypropylene
2) You have to use each bag > 100X (conservative estimate – unfortunately people don’t seem to care about actual real world data and it’s hard to find accurate figures) before the CO2 production is less than one regular plastic bag – So naturally as a result of the ban, CO2 production has increased.  (aren’t we supposed to care about that?)
3) More inconvenience (this has been documented in studies) and time consumption for supermarkets.
4) More chance of contamination and food poisoning (who cares about pesky little humans right?)
5) There is no land fill problem by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact I can’t think of anywhere in the world where this is a problem.  Land fill is a good business (in the places where it is privatized) and it can often power itself through biomass energy.
6) Increased bureaucracy cost to society.
7) Finally and typically – according to an ABC radio broadcast I recently heard, the ban didn’t lower the number of plastic bags used anyway!  Ha.
Note how even such a minor issue as this yields demonstrably negative results.

Who gave a rats ass about this issue?  No one I know.  Where’s the human greed and self absorbed behavior the Christians and lefties complain about ?!  People happily gave up plastic bags when shopping.  They were (at least initially) proud to walk around showing off their new polypropylene bags.  The one or two people I bothered to crush who supported this mild but still evil measure (not that they realized) either had no argument or said something feebly pragmatist like “we have to do something”.  They wouldn’t explain what was wrong in the first place ie: what problem needed addressing, and wouldn’t explain how “something” positive was being done.  But clearly it felt good to them.  In one instance the person I was debating with got quite angry with me because they were so sure they were right but couldn’t explain why.  My thinking: this is how interested they are in the truth as opposed to satisfying their own flawed ethical urges.  But then in the same breath I get accused of being an intolerant ideological nut!  People seem to think that being sure of yourself means you must be wrong these days.  Again this doesn’t make any sense – they are sure of many things themselves – but it’s a byproduct of pragmatist epistemology (there are no absolutes and no such thing as binary systems if we happen to talk about ethics/politics/economics etc) and the egalitarian inspired belief that everyone’s opinion is as good as everyone elses – a ridiculous notion leading to an opinionated, non-thinking, loud mouth society. (after all we copy everything else the USA does).

This is an email sent to me on the 8th October 2011 by “Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax”:

Dear Tim Robinson,

Four thousand, five hundred Australians have just been censored by the Gillard-Brown regime.

I thought I had seen everything. I thought after all the attacks on freedom of speech I have written to you about before, that nothing could surprise me.

I was wrong. 

In a shocking and historically unprecedented suppression of political expression and abuse of democracy, 4,500 Aussies – all opposed to this unnecessary and destructive tax on carbon dioxide – have just been told that they don’t count. That their opinions don’t matter. That their thoughts are not allowed to be heard.

The background: As you will remember, last month, the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation asked for submissions about the carbon dioxide tax legislation. They specifically stated that they “encourage submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations”. There were no terms of reference.

Although they only gave us one week, four thousand five hundred of us took the time to write to the committee. Four thousand five hundred Australians took the time to read the over 1000 page legislation. Four thousand five hundred Australians wrote in depth submissions detailing the flaws in this proposed legislation.

Yesterday we discovered that their work will be surpressed. Will be silenced. Will be censored and stripped from the record without a trace.


An Australian Parliamentary Committee has NEVER BEFORE censored submissions to this extent. Nothing has come even close. Ever. There is NO historical precedent for such a mass rejection of submissions.

To rub salt into the wound, the Government was more than happy to accept earlier submissions in favour of the tax that were just two sentences saying, for example, ” “I am writing to express my support for the government to legislate to put a price on carbon. I urge the government to move ahead with the Carbon Tax.” 

Yet lengthy, in-depth submissions opposing the tax on carbon dioxide have been rejected and stripped from the record. 

Julia Gillard and Bob Brown have just officially stuck up their middle finger at us and told us that we don’t count.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Contact as many newspapers, TV stations, Radio Channels, Bloggers as you can and spread the word! (There is a good list of media contacts here you can start with) –  and don’t just email! Phone, fax, and write letters to the editor about! We MUST get the word out! Also, forward this to all your family and friends, share this with your facebook friends by clicking here: Like AN UTTER DISGRACE: 4,500 Aussies have just been CENSORED By The Gillard-Brown Regime on Facebook  and then post it on twitter by clicking here: share on Twitter

Do anything you can to spread the word about this disgraceful abuse of democracy and silencing of Australians by the Gillard-Brown Government. 

There is only ONE reason why the Gillard-Brown Government is trying to silence us: they know that we are right and are scared to engage in debate.  Let’s not let them get away with it.

Timothy Andrews
Managing Editor
Menzies House



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