Australia’s Disgraceful Carbon Tax

13 10 2011

It’s official.  The carbon tax passed the lower house in Australian parliament.  See this newspaper article for details. (try not to read the comments, they are just so depressing and useless – for some reason they are labelled as “debate” by the Sydney Morning Herald which itself indicates the poor intellectual standards of Australians generally).

I’ve been too busy to track this issue properly.  There have been several major freedom of speech infringements on this issue – which are incredibly disturbing.  And the Labor party has been engaged in other acts of fascism too.  For example Conroy’s internet filter proposal and Andrew Bolt’s recent censorship (now enforced by the High Court) a particularly immoral example of censorship – the fact that he’s motivated by highly flawed Christian ideology is irrelevant.  The fact his censorship was supported by the Labor party speaks volumes of their own personal integrity and myopia.
I have been receiving emails from a group called “Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax”.  I have included one of their emails after my post.  However it’s annoying that this particular group led by Tim Andrews who are rightly against the tax, use terrible arguments.  For example the appeal to democracy per se.  Unchecked democracy is a fundamental part of the problem.  The belief that a government is within it’s rights to violate their citizens’ rights to their own lives simply because a majority of people vote for it.  ie: Mob rule, gang warfare, might = right, some types of utilitarianism philosophy.
And note the strong appeal to tradition.  A pathetically weak argument which I don’t think needs explaining.
So no I certainly don’t support this mob outside of one policy issues.  Ultimately their ideology will also lead to (and has previously led to) rights violations.
However it’s clear from this article that Julia Gillard’s arrogant government are blindly following their egalitarian and pragmatist ideology with total disregard for the facts of reality and freedom. Ie. total disregard for their proper job of protecting people’s rights.  Unfortunately these days politicians like Xeonophon (or Pelosi in USA with her shocking comments over Obamacare) who openly mock freedom in the press – are usually the most popular.   Read the rest of this entry »