LTE – Carbon Tax

11 07 2011

I have been ridiculously busy this year, running a new business, studying full time (only for one year thankfully), playing in several bands, getting married, and more.
Blogging has been light and will probably continue to be light.

I am someone who is drawn to philosophical, political, economic and legal issues even though I specialize in none of these fields.  But I have actually been attempting to avoid reading the news this year.  As I am getting older I think I’m becoming more realistic about what social changes I can expect to see in my lifetime and quite frankly I don’t see much value in following the news closely.  Reading the paper leaves my depressed,  seeing how so many of my fellow citizens “think”.  And as for politicians, I find it hard to even consider them human.  It’s quite hard to find a politician these days with ideology close to Objectivism and just as hard to find a politician with intellectual abilities worthy of any respect.  Personally I think being a politician would be a waste of time and would be self destructive.  I think political activism in other forms is fine, but cultural change occurs from bottom up, not the top down.

Anyway, Australians are currently being bombarded by Carbon Tax propaganda (which they are forced to pay for of course).

So I thought I’d write a quick LTE:

Any Australian who thinks they will in the long run be better off under a carbon tax is mistaken.  In order to consume, one must first produce.  This is simply a fact of nature.  To penalize big producers, inevitably penalizes consumers.    To think that Australians could somehow benefit from the burden of even more bureaucratic wealth redistribution is absurd.  Time and time again government officials are shown to be economically incompetent and their economic predictions false, yet unfortunately people still cling to these authorities like desperate drug addicts.  Australians will suffer but most won’t even be aware their life could have been better, because the productive potential of Australian business will not be seen.  The carbon tax is simply another leech vying for position on a dying Australia that is running out of room to host such parasitic measures.

While Ju-liar Gillard’s claim that 9/10 Australians will be better off under a carbon tax is absolute nonsense (and horribly utilitarian), there is one thing I liked about this speech.
I’m glad that the Labor party is attempting to sell this tax based on “benefits” to Australians, as opposed to some kind of altruistic justification.  It’s impossible not to be egoistic to some degree (without immediately killing yourself) but perhaps this strategy indicates many Australians are more rationally egoistic than I give them credit for.




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