Ju-liar Gillard

1 03 2011

I just haven’t had time to keep up with politics much the last couple of months. But every time I catch a glimpse I am simply disgusted. Ju-liar Gillard, Australian prime minister has been a particularly egregious example over the last few days. Breaking an election promise, Gillard is now planning to introduce a destructive (to human lives if that’s what you care about) carbon tax in this country.
She seems unable to provide a coherent reason for this, and all the footage I’ve seen is simply her ridiculing the opposing Liberal party (like that’s hard to do). It seems she is so stupid or elitist or something that she doesn’t even realize the burden of proof is on her to explain this absurd policy and explain how you can break a promise in such a short amount of time. It’s disgusting to see such poor standards of rational discourse and such bad epistemology on the part of our supposed leaders, but that’s not exactly anything new.

Here’s a link to Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax. http://www.stopgillardscarbontax.com/




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