Benny Hinn meets Star Wars.

27 01 2011



Article Recommendation: 6 Myths about Oil, Alex Epstein

27 01 2011


Necla Kelek

23 01 2011

I’m a big fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  And it’s pleasing to know there are other brave women like her who also loudly criticize Islam.  In particular, Kelek opposes the repression of women in Islam and she is convinced that there is very little compatibility between Western and Islamic ideals.

I’m not blogging much lately on account of being extra busy but I had to record this quote because of the way Kelek cuts through the usual political speech crap and explicitly focuses on a key concept in political theory, namely individual rights.

I see a parallel between socialism or communism and Islam. Both are collectivist ideologies. The individual has no rights of his own. The individual is part of a larger whole and is obliged to do everything to make the community flourish. The system supports the group, not the individual.

Apart from Objectivists sources, it is quite rare that I come across articles that focus on collectivism vs individualism.  It does happen from time to time though (often from writings several generations or more old) and hopefully it will become more common.