A Quick Update

30 11 2010

Readers of my blog may have noticed I’ve been awfully quiet lately.  This will probably continue for the rest of the year.  I’ve been very busy setting up a secondary part time business.

For any readers interested in finding out more about Objectivism, it seems that the new site http://objectivistanswers.com is getting a fair amount of traffic and discussion lately.  So check it out and feel free to ask a tough question.



Nihilistic Environmentalists Will Never be Satisfied.

30 11 2010

How could they be?  Human beings naturally want to improve their lives and live to their fullest potential.  Environmentalism in its usual form is opposed to human living (which necessarily involves using natural resources and modifying them).  To an environmentalist, normal human action is unnatural and harmful.  It is therefore impossible to satisfy the ideological urges of the environmentalist.  It’s also not surprising that their nihilistic outlook makes the call for initiating force by government the usual course of action.  Environmentalism often amounts to cowardly, disguised socialism.

H/T to Andrew Bolt for this article calling for WWII-style government controlled rationing as a “solution” to “catastrophic” climate change

Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world

And just today I notice various articles and news stories calling for the Australian government to increase it’s force initiating green agenda.  See: article 1. article 2.

“The current commitment is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5 per cent of 2000 levels by 2020.

But the Climate Change Institute is using documents it obtained from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to urge a cut of at least 10 to 15 per cent.”

What the pragmatist-ridden Labor and Liberal government MPs probably don’t realize is that they have set the precedent for ever increasing environmentalist inspired, government-induced rights violations.  By accepting that human altercation of the environment is somehow immoral or harmful per se, and by implementing political force, the logical conclusion is to continue limiting human action and productivity.