Environmentalist ideology well entrenched in Australia

29 10 2010

There are two very concerning items that came to my attention this week in the sick sad world of politics.  They have been covered in the press quite well but have been met with apathy by most in the public. 

The first bit of news is that Al Gore’s (I thought widely discredited) movie, An Inconvenient Truth will be added to the Australian school curriculum.  See article.

Andrew Bolt covered the issue quite well with this statement:

“The film is error-riddled and alarmist, and the work of a prize hypocrite and deceiver who dodges any attempt to hold him to account. Even an otherwise sympathetic British judge says the film contains so many errors that it should not be used in classrooms without a health warning.”

So the brain washing and indoctrination continues in Australian schools.  Surprise, surprise.  I have previously written about what I think of indoctrinating school kids on political issues here.

And the second item of concern for this week:

Apparently 19% of Victorian voters are now intending to vote Green.  That means almost 1 in 5 people in the state I grew up in think its a good idea to vote for the Greens!  OMFG.  This mirrors my own experience with friends I chat to. 

Hopefully next week will bring some brighter news…………..




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