Labor party continues the creep towards fascism in Australia

21 10 2010

“NSW upper house president Amanda Fazio faces expulsion from the Labor Party following her protest against a toughening of anti-porn laws.”

See article 

A long time ago the Labor party used to be a party where there was some hope for increasing social freedoms in this country.  This has not been true for a while now.   And this toughening of anti-porn laws is yet another example.  The incident that really drove this home for me was when the South Australian Labor party made the unprecedented step of censoring a parliamentary speech on euthanasia by Sandra Kanck back in 2006.  See article

This caused hardly a stir in South Australia.  Most people just don’t understand the importance of freedom to human life and prosperity. 

I believe the trend in the western world is one towards statism and fascism in particular.  eg/ There have been numerous incidents of so-called left wing governments increasing censorship around the world.  Australia has been no exception. 

Many scared, misguided and apathetic people in our society seem to be quite happy with this creeping fascism but it’s nice to see at least one Labor MP do something right for a change.

Many lefties constantly call for increases in government powers to regulate banks for example or to forcibly clamp down on business in the name of environmentalism.  Then on issues such as censorship, or euthanasia these lefties are annoyingly quiet. 

I’m reminded of a comment I saw somewhere on the internet not long ago. (I can’t remember where unfortunately).  The commentor was pointing out the irony that typical left wing types (professors, teachers, journalists) who promote their brand of statism and government control of production are the first to suffer when a society crosses over into overt fascism/socialism and dissenters are actively silenced by imprisonment or worse.  In totalitarian countries where government powers are unchecked, leaders necessarily must control education and journalism to stay in power and create a climate of fear and oppression.   




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