Hal Lewis’ resignation letter.

11 10 2010

Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Hal Lewis has just resigned from the American Physical Society.  See letter here.  In the words of Lewis:

“Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life” 




2 responses

12 10 2010
Mr. Xyz

MSM will try to keep this quiet just like last week’s global warming scandal.

If you aren’t familiar with the 10:10 dust up, see the videos below.

While watching the first one, ask yourself if it’s sincere or if it’s a spoof.

Keep watching until you’re sure, and then watch more.

Note: the resignations of Chris Landsea and Roger A Pielke SR. both hint at conspiracy.

Landsea resigned because of an unethical press conference that was likely used by Al Gore as a green light to build his movie around Hurricane Katrina.

Pielke resigned because while lead author for a major climate report, scientists worked behind his back to undermine him. These incidents are well known and not hard to research.

13 10 2010
Tim R

Hi Mr. Xyz, I have seen the 10:10 advertisement and to be honest I really didn’t know what to make of it. I certainly didn’t find it funny or see how anyone else would although I suppose enviro-nazis would.
I was wondering whether the intention was to mock the idea that environmentalist ideology results in fascist politics (something I strongly believe to be true). The video makers may have highly pragmatist-type thinking. Therefore they don’t believe it is possible to define principles of politic science such as the non-initiation of force principle. Perhaps they don’t see applying force to others as being wrong like I do. They think some kinds of force are OK (environmentalist inspired regulations and restrictions) and another as wrong (blowing people up). I thought maybe the message behind the video was saying, “Look, the idea that we would blow people up is absurd”. What the makers don’t understand is that millions of people around the world have already had their lives negatively impacted (in dramatic ways) due to politics arising from environmentalism. eg/ Massive job losses and economic damage around the world, or the effective ban on DDT.

This was a well funded commercial and hired a well respected comedy writer who I believe did Blackadder and some other great BBC stuff. So how did they get it so wrong? And what were they thinking? (possibly not much).

Once again, the anti-human nihilistic nature of environmentalist ideology does seem to be shining through.

Anyway, thanks for the link, that’s a great collection of videos on YouTube.

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