DDT documentary: 3 Billion and Counting

6 10 2010


Haven’t seen it yet but it looks good:



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6 10 2010

This is an excellent film to see to clear up the propaganda we have been told surrounding DDT. I went to see the film after going to http://www.3billionandcounting.com and wanted to answer for myself the questions I had around this issue. One thing I was amazed to find out is that bed bugs are back and biting. I keep hearing that DDT will not work on them this time, but Dr. Rutledge said they don’t know that for sure, no one has actually tested to see. Since I supported the ban on DDT, I found out that the basis for the book that started all of this, was nothing but junk science. The film shows the actual facts, that had been hidden away in the National Archives since the 70’s .. that DDT is SAFE for humans and animals alike. Let’s bring it back and stop the madness of people dying from Malaria needlessly.

7 10 2010
Tim R

Hi Kathy, I’m surprised you changed your opinion from pro-ban to anti-ban. I think that’s quite admirable.
I’ll definitely have to hunt this film down and watch it!

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