Chronomètre of Loulié

29 10 2010

The inventor of the metronome (a time keeping device used by virtually all musicians these days) was:

Étienne Loulié

The first metronome was invented circa 1694 and was about 2 metres tall!


Environmentalist ideology well entrenched in Australia

29 10 2010

There are two very concerning items that came to my attention this week in the sick sad world of politics.  They have been covered in the press quite well but have been met with apathy by most in the public. 

The first bit of news is that Al Gore’s (I thought widely discredited) movie, An Inconvenient Truth will be added to the Australian school curriculum.  See article.

Andrew Bolt covered the issue quite well with this statement:

“The film is error-riddled and alarmist, and the work of a prize hypocrite and deceiver who dodges any attempt to hold him to account. Even an otherwise sympathetic British judge says the film contains so many errors that it should not be used in classrooms without a health warning.”

So the brain washing and indoctrination continues in Australian schools.  Surprise, surprise.  I have previously written about what I think of indoctrinating school kids on political issues here.

And the second item of concern for this week:

Apparently 19% of Victorian voters are now intending to vote Green.  That means almost 1 in 5 people in the state I grew up in think its a good idea to vote for the Greens!  OMFG.  This mirrors my own experience with friends I chat to. 

Hopefully next week will bring some brighter news…………..

Article Recommendation: Republicans kind of suck…….

26 10 2010

Quite amusing.  Quoting from the article’ s conversation between the Democrats and the American voters:

DEMOCRATS: “you’re stupid we’re doing it anyway”, “you’re racist” and “stop being violent and racist you ignorant hillbillies”. 

So true. 

Republicans kind of suck …..which is why they will win huge in November

For a long time voting in any political election is a game of working out who will be the least harmful short term and long term. I.e. who sucks the least?

Labor party continues the creep towards fascism in Australia

21 10 2010

“NSW upper house president Amanda Fazio faces expulsion from the Labor Party following her protest against a toughening of anti-porn laws.”

See article 

A long time ago the Labor party used to be a party where there was some hope for increasing social freedoms in this country.  This has not been true for a while now.   And this toughening of anti-porn laws is yet another example.  The incident that really drove this home for me was when the South Australian Labor party made the unprecedented step of censoring a parliamentary speech on euthanasia by Sandra Kanck back in 2006.  See article

This caused hardly a stir in South Australia.  Most people just don’t understand the importance of freedom to human life and prosperity. 

I believe the trend in the western world is one towards statism and fascism in particular.  eg/ There have been numerous incidents of so-called left wing governments increasing censorship around the world.  Australia has been no exception. 

Many scared, misguided and apathetic people in our society seem to be quite happy with this creeping fascism but it’s nice to see at least one Labor MP do something right for a change.

Many lefties constantly call for increases in government powers to regulate banks for example or to forcibly clamp down on business in the name of environmentalism.  Then on issues such as censorship, or euthanasia these lefties are annoyingly quiet. 

I’m reminded of a comment I saw somewhere on the internet not long ago. (I can’t remember where unfortunately).  The commentor was pointing out the irony that typical left wing types (professors, teachers, journalists) who promote their brand of statism and government control of production are the first to suffer when a society crosses over into overt fascism/socialism and dissenters are actively silenced by imprisonment or worse.  In totalitarian countries where government powers are unchecked, leaders necessarily must control education and journalism to stay in power and create a climate of fear and oppression.   

“Pragmatism has become the guiding philosophy of our age” – Tara Smith

19 10 2010

Something which I encounter on a daily basis and which frustrates me no end is the prevalence of pragmatist epistemology in our society.  People seem to refuse to think in principle.  One example that comes to mind:  In Australia most people wouldn’t dream it was possible to privatize our water industry, yet the food industry is private (although overly-regulated like most industries).  Incidentally, guess where Australians experience rationing?  That’s right, we are subjected to water restrictions and constant media arguments and water crises in this country.  We need privatisation of our waterways and a free market for water pricing.   (see also “Frequently asked questions about water / wastewater privatization“)

Anyway, if you keep your ears open, you’ll often hear people talk about the virtue of compromise and diplomacy, using equivocations in their language, or saying catch phrases like “well that might work for some, but not for me” or “there’s always two sides to a story” etc. 

Compromise in particular is seen as good in of itself.  Extremism is a dirty word as I’m sure everyone would know.  Idealism is bad per se.  Note context is thrown out the window.  eg/ It’s not that ideology X is better or worse than ideology Y.  The implicit belief amongst many is that adhering to any ideological principles is inherently wrong. 

Let me just quickly hone in on the topic of compromise because it’s very easy to see why practising compromise can be highly problematic.  Let’s say two solutions to a problem A and B are proposed.  The options are that A is correct and B is incorrect or B is correct and A is incorrect.  Or neither are correct.  Or A and or B are partially correct.  
A common result of compromising is that a halfway point between proposals A and B is met and it is both ineffective and unsatisfactory to both parties.  This happens so often on political issues and it’s no surprise that most people are so disillusioned with politics these days. 

But why do people automatically think that a mid-way compromise point between A and B is the best outcome?  The answer is pragmatism. 

Tara Reid has a one hour freely available talk on pragmatism.  And she has written a very good summary article in the Objective Standard:  “The Menace of Pragmatism”  (to read the full article you need to subscribe). 

The Ayn Rand Institute have released many videos (for free) of Objectivist talks on philosophy.  I would highly recommend checking them out and subscribing to ARCTV at

The Movie Film Show

14 10 2010

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been really enjoying the movie reviews done by Mr Movie and Mr Film at:

Personally, I love basically any form of art review show as long as it involves some reasonably well thought out opinions and is not just mindless promotion.  I love movies in particular and analysing them. 

The guys at the MovieFilmShow have a great website and are consistently reviewing many of the new movies that are coming out in the US. 

The two guys who do the reviews on this site keep things fun and interesting.  And unlike most of the MSM, they are pro-freedom and capitalists – not that this is essential to good art reviews, but it’s certainly a refreshing change and helps with plot analysis.

Article Recommendation: “Cowards at Denver Post Pull Where’s Muhammed Cartoon”

13 10 2010

Political activist Ari Armstrong has published a good and very short post detailing some concerning news:

Cowards at Denver Post Pull Where’s Muhammad Cartoon 

Yet another example of the MSM’s cowardice, obsessive political “correctness” and double standards. 

The original article:  “Where’s Mohammed?  Not in the Washington Post or Denver Post.  Shameful

Update 14/10/10:

Courtesy of American Thinker:  “Where’s Mohammed?, Where’s Courage?”

I find bullies to be offensive. We’ve all experienced bullies on the playground. A bully is someone who hurts, frightens, or tyrannizes others in order to gain power.  Islamists bully by threatening with death or violence unless they get their way.  And have you noticed?