German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech honors Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

10 09 2010

H/T Andrew Bolt’s blog and WSJ online:

Article:  Merkel’s Stand for Freedom
The German chancellor defends Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard against Islmaists. 

“Remembering her own life under communism in East Germany and how the Berlin Wall fell only 21 years ago, Mrs. Merkel urged Germans to “never forget how precious freedom is.””

Update 18/10/10:

Merkel says multiculturalism has failed.

Merkel is an odd one.  Calling for tougher standards for “integrating” into society eg/ immigrants must learn German.  Yet, she is also hoping to attract more skilled foreign immigrants and has tried to tell Germans they must accept Mosques are now part of their landscape.  To me this type of thinking indicates someone who erroneously believes the government should have the power to create a society as they see fit as opposed to protecting individual rights.




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