Cuban health “care”

2 09 2010

The idea that people cannot see the dishonesty of Michael Moore is quite annoying to me.  Paul Hseih provides the antidote to Moore’s movie Sicko with this article.   Paul links to this article by Laurie Garrett “Castrocare in crises“.

I have noted the dishonesty of Michael Moore’s “documentaries” on my blog previously. 

While health care policy is not a big area of interest for me, I have recently become aware of the prevalence of a black market health care in Cuba. 
See the wikipedia article on Cuban health care.  And this national review aricle, “The Myth of Cuban Health Care

And, remember those horrible pictures of dead Cuban patients in the press recently?  You probably don’t because of the MSM’s incompetence.  Here’s two articles showing the pictures.  But be careful, they are a little disturbing.  Article 1   Article 2  A quote from the first article:

“Earlier this year it emerged that in the psychiatric hospital in Havana, known as Mazorra, 26 patients died from hunger and cold. Now, shocking pictures of the dead bodies have been released.”




One response

4 09 2010

It seems that Michael Moore could be considered a useful idiot when he included a segment in his documentary praising Cuban healthcare.

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