Sharia Law in Nigeria.

5 08 2010

See articles:

Veiled Female Islamic Police Smash 80,000 Beer Bottles in Nigeria

Or for the Jihad Watch version:

Nigeria: Veiled Female Sharia Police Smash 80,000 Bottles of Beer While Shouting “Allahu Akbar

I’m shouting, “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!”

But seriously, this is a violation of freedom and individual rights.  Sharia law is without a doubt inferior and less just than western law.    Jihad Watch makes the point:

“Good God. Welcome to your future, Europe. Note the beer was set to be delivered to a Christian area — something to keep in mind for those who insist that in a Sharia state, non-Muslims will be exempt from its dictates.”

And the first commenter at the bottom of this article states:

“destroying your property is cause for a Muslim celebration….remember that…”

For an easy to read, summary on Islam and politics I’d recommend:

The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam

As an Objectivist I believe cultures that foster bad ideology such as altruistic ethical theories, reject logic and reason as the only valid means of epistemology and cultures where belief in the supernatural is common, will always trend towards statist and collectivist political systems. 
When it comes to religious ideologies however, Islam leads the field in the quest for barbaric totalitarian government (compared to the other main stream religions).  Islamic texts explicitly teach that it is a religious duty to make sure your government institutes Sharia Law.

Update:  6/7/10

Source on Islamic “Abrogation in the Koran

Source on Taqiyya and Kitman

For an interesting blog article on Islam, check out “3 Things You Should Know About Islam




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