Obama on “The View”: What’s your reaction to this picture?

4 08 2010

Need proof that your emotions are not tools of cognition but are responses to your beliefs?  Well here’s some.  When I saw this picture in The Australian newspaper, I think I did a little vomit in my mouth 🙂  Look at these women of air-headed day time TV hanging off every word their idol Obama utters.  Ughhhhhh.  I’m so tempted to add speech bubbles. 

I’m sure most people wouldn’t have that reaction.  To quote Ayn Rand on emotions:

“Emotions are the automatic results of man’s value judgments integrated by his subconscious”

I’m not an anarchist and I value the institution of government.  I don’t believe government is a necessary evil, I think it’s a necessary good if done right.  I admire certain politicians (mainly from times past).  But I hate most politicians these days.  Does this make me cynical or negative?  Absolutely not.  I’m reacting against politicians who have a cynical view of human existence.  Most people in our society do no believe people should be free in principle.  They believe people must be controlled socially and economically. 

Obama has been a destructive president.  As Austrian economic theory explains, his “stimulus” packages and bail-outs are ultimately destructive to productivity and human prosperity.  His wasteful and altruistic approach to a “war” in Afghanistan continues while the strength of terrorist organisations grows.  Obama has attacked freedom of speech on several fronts including the infamous call for dibber dobbers to the Whitehouse.  His policies have been socialist and fascist but I won’t detail Obama’s failings because it’s not exactly hard to find more articles on this topic and if I go on I’m going to end up writing a very long essay. 

This NewsMax article sums up the above picture quite well with this paragraph: (NB/ While I read their articles from time to time, I do not approve of the traditionalist and Christian ideology of NewsMax)

“At a time when our men and women in the military are putting their lives on the line, millions of Joes and Janes are out of work and the nation is slip-sliding toward bankruptcy, it is beyond appalling that four Marine helicopters, a battalion of police and a slew of Secret Service agents had to be mobilized just so that Obama could sit down for a mid-morning chitchat with Barbara Walters and Joy Behar and give his sagging approval ratings an assist.”

Most people wouldn’t stop to think twice seeing this picture.  But me, I can’t help but feel a bit disgusted.




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