28 07 2010

If you’re a greeny.  Just do one thing for me.  Do some quick research and look at some cold hard facts of what enacting green political policies would actually mean for human life. 

Article recommendation from Gerard Jackson:

The Government’s “alternative energy” policies will be a disaster for the economy

And here’s my little rant about Labor’s “cash for clunkers” programs.  Proven to have failed in other countries – but who cares about facts right?!  Well some of us do. 

This plan will cause distortions to an already over-regulated, subsidized car market.  People will buy more new cars, meaning they get less use out of an otherwise good car.  This is destructive, a waste of resources.  It’s like giving someone money to burn down their home so they can build a new one with some solar panels attached.  It doesn’t make any sense and it’s destructive to the economy, meaning destructive to human life. 

What about the CO2 produced from making new cars?   

Just another example of politicians being destructive parasites while bullshitting (they’re possibly just ignorant, I don’t know) the public and having the cheek to forcibly take our money and use it to tell us how great they are. 

It’s like all the other destructive green schemes. 

Let’s take a seemingly minor, insignificant example.  The plastic bag ban in Sth Australia. Even this is destructive and immoral.  It’s not a matter of degree.  It’s a matter of principle. 
This scheme actually raised CO2 emissions because the bags are made from polypropylene and you have to use them at least 100X or more before they are more “environmentally friendly” than a plastic bag – not that I buy all the sky is falling, haters of mankind ideology anyway.  These bags have cost us more money, not to mention, the extra inconvenience to consumers, the wasted time to shop staff (studies show it takes longer to pack customer’s bags) and increased risk of food poisoning.  They haven’t reduced CO2 and there was never a land-fill problem to begin with!    

Environmentalism is like a religion.  Overall, it’s harmful to people, it’s not based on facts or reality and it calls for human sacrifice to Gaia the earth spirit (instead of God). 

Where are the computer models (there’s many kinds which in itself is telling) that predicted the falls in average global temp over the last decade or so?

Forcing us to be green is immoral.  Why?  Because human life is good and humans are not inherently evil.




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