Mondayitis. Election time means a depressing start to the week in Aus.

19 07 2010

My clock radio wakes me up on the hour.  I’m really going to have to change this setting because it means I wake up hearing the news.  And that’s not a good way to start the day. 

Today was especially depressing. 

Rudely, awakened from my warm cosy dream land, I was reminded there is a federal election coming up in Australia.  Booooooooo.   That means annoying politicians all over the media and political advertising being rammed down my throat while I play a game of count the number of logical fallacies, dishonest framing, and destructive ideas being proposed.  The insults to my intelligence have already begun with a pic of Julia Gill-Rudd holding a very uncomfortable looking baby on The Australian’s website. 

This morning I awoke to hear that our supposedly conservative opposition leader has promised not to re-introduce Workchoices legislation.  This decision, even though the media this year has highlighted the destructive nature of workplace regulation.  eg/ These teenagers forced out of work by the government under the current IR regulations. 

Trade (mutual exchange for mutual benefit) has existed for thousands of years.  People have the right to engage in voluntary transactions of goods and services.  Labour is a service.  Governments violate the rights of workers and employers by forcing them to adhere to Industrial Relations regulations.  It is simply impossible that they know how to run businesses better than business owners.  IR laws are generally immoral and economically destructive because they reduce flexibility and productivity.  This results in a poorer Australia meaning less jobs, and less opportunities especially for the most vulnerable.   

It’s looking like the Liberal party will lose my vote.  It’s definitely looking like the Labor party will lose my vote.  Their incompetence and ignorance for the last two years has been beyond belief.  In a better world they would be locked up in jail for the destruction to people’s lives that they have forced on Australians. 

It’s a depressing state of affairs.  Who will stand up for freedom in this country?  Australians need to first be able to define what freedom actually is and remove the contradictions from their thinking.  They then need to understand why freedom is so important for them and others and why a government should properly protect and defend individual rights.  The answer:  The value of human life.




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