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4 06 2010

Blogging will most likely be quite light for me over the next few weeks (it’s already pretty light I know).  I’m involved with some fairly time intensive projects outside of my usual job.

Here’s a couple of interesting articles I’ve noticed over the last few days:

This article discusses the recent news that Pacific Islands are not about to disappear under water (contrary to claims made by environmentalist Chicken Littles).  H/T to Andrew Bolt for discovering this interesting blog. 

For those who can handle more frustration than me, the Labor Party are still playing childish games and being blatantly dishonest while trying to push their harmful super profits tax.  I noticed Rudd has joined in today, accusing the mining companies of lying when they say their investments are going offshore:  This arrogance is unbelievable.  I’ve witnessed Tanner doing the same thing on the 7:30 report.  Labor party politicians should show some respect to decent hard working productive people, such as miners.   Who do they think is responsible for the relative prosperity in this country – them?!  Actually it would be a great idea to send some big mining CEOs a copy of Atlas Shrugged because the politicians in this country are preaching dangerous egalitarianism and are largely getting away with it. 

Speaking of arrogance and dishonesty, Andrew Bolt and others have covered the Labor government’s latest expensive advertising campaign.  If there’s one thing I hate it’s having a nice evening interupted by some parasite using my money to shove political propaganda down my throat.  For starters this puts my TV at risk as I look around the room for something to punch hard!  The Labor party have broken an election promise over this issue, they are pushing thinly disguised political propaganda and they are wasing a lot of money in the process.  See “Government lies about its lying ads” 

Actually I think the ridiculous level of TV advertising done by the Federal government, a problem that really took off under the Howard’s Liberal party, is a good issue for everyday political activism.  I suspect most people would hate these ads (surely).  So if you’re in company and one of these ads comes on, you may be able to say something that will get people’s synapses firing, encouraging them to think about some political fundamentals eg/ You could mention you don’t believe the government has a right to take my money by force and then use this money to advertise to me how great they are.     

And I’ll end with some brighter news.  While I generally dislike the Australian newspaper due to the generally highly pragmatist epistemology of the editors and opinion writers, the focus on non-essentials and the willingless to accept the way politicians frame issues in their press releases without thinking deeper about the issue, today I noticed a rare article that I can view favourably.  I was pleased to notice this on the front page, written by an author I regard as being very hit and miss, Stutchbury.  See article discussing the increase of minimum wages in this country beginning July 1.

Why did I like this article?  Because it makes the point that raising minimum wages (beyond the effective minimum wage) will put people out of work.  I hope people get the message.  It’s a very simple concept but it needs to be made because many people in this country vehemently support destructive minimum wage laws. 

If minimum wage laws worked, we could set the wage to be 1 million dollars, I think I’d like being a millionaire.  🙂




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