Even Spanish government can’t deny their green initiatives were economic disasters.

19 05 2010

As is well known amongst those who like me oppose creeping socialism in the disguised form of environmentalism, the “green” jobs created by the Spanish government were an economic disaster.  This University of Rey Juan Carlos government commissioned report provides further proof:


Their green initiatives directly harmed the lives of Spanish people and as is always the case this would have negatively affected the poor most of all. 

Spain is hardly an economic powerhouse, their country is in a serious amount of debt. 

As Pajamas Media reports, even the Spanish Zapatero administration must admit their green initiatives were economic disasters. 


“Unsurprisingly for a governmental take on a flagship program, the report takes pains to minimize the extent of the economic harm. Yet despite the soft-pedaling, the document reveals exactly why electricity rates “necessarily skyrocketed” in Spain, as did the public debt needed to underwrite the disaster. This internal assessment preceded the Zapatero administration’s recent acknowledgement that the “green economy” stunt must be abandoned, lest the experiment risk Spain becoming Greece.”

And Pajamas media point out that under Obama, the US is heading (even more so) in the same direction as the Spaniards.  It is well known that the US already subsidize greenery such as bioethanol production, have a history of regulating and discouraging nuclear reactor and oil drilling developments. 

On eight separate occasions, President Barack Obama has referred to the “green economy” policies enacted by Spain as being the model for what he envisioned for America.

Most recently, U.S. senators have introduced the vehicle for replicating Spain’s unfolding economic meltdown here, in the form of the “American Power Act.” For reasons that are obvious upon scrutiny, it should instead be called the American Power Grab Act.




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