Inside Australia’s largest Pentecostal Church – Hillsong

17 05 2010

Very interesting video.  This comes right from the horse’s mouth, a 15 minute interview with the founder and head of the church Brian Houston.   

So see what he has to say about his church:

I was quite interested at the internal conflict evident in Brian when it comes to issues of money.  He sees money as a force for evil and is highly conflicted because his church and charity missions need money to expand. 

I also didn’t realise his father was a pedophile.  Nasty.   

Interestingly, this church is big in South America where apparently pentecostal Christianty is growing at an alarming rate.  The church has been hugely successful, we’re talking millions and millions of dollars passing through the church each year. 

Brian makes it clear (although almost a bit reluctantly, see the video) that this church is anti-homosexuality, forbids sex outside of marriage and is anti-abortion.



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