Interesting article: Muhammad and Aisha

4 05 2010

I decided to do a bit of quick research into the prophet Muhammad’s infamous treatment of women.  And came across this article: 

According to official Sunni Muslim sources, Muhammad married Aisha when she was around the age of six or seven. This marriage took place three years before Muhammad’s migration to what eventually became known as Medina. Muhammad consummated the marriage to Aisha approximately four years later, or in the second year of his arrival to Medina when the latter was nine years old.

Muhammad left Aisha a childless widow at the age of eighteen. What makes this so terrible is that Muhammad passed on a command forbidding anyone from marrying any of his widows!

Poor girl then had to live for 47 years as a widow. 

Muhammad of course had multiple wives: 

Muhammad not only took Safiyyah as his wife after killing her family and husband, but he also left her a young widow for the rest of her life!

Muhammad also had a “revelation” forbidding his wives from leaving their homes:

I could go on with quotes from this article but I really don’t think I need to.  Thankfully, this shameless sexism is no longer tolerated in western societies. 

This article made me think of a comment in the far distant regions of my memory made by an astute atheist (I have no idea where it came from sorry).  The comment was made about the Bible but applies to all the holy books that are supposedly written via divine inspiration.  It went something like this:  If the Bible is supposedly written by men who are channeling God somehow (ie: If we accept that the Bible is God’s word), then surely you’d expect the book to be full of wisdom and answers to tough moral questions.  Certainly seems plausible to me.  After all God is perfect right?  So why then do these books contain stories that advocate slavery, sexism, racism and other abhorrent ideas.  Why do they contain creation theories or ridiculous stories about Noah’s Ark? – we know these are false.  Maybe God just has a sick sense of humour 🙂

I remember when I was about 19 and slowly becoming an atheist I went through a period where I tried to just believe in God.  I couldn’t prove he existed and my beliefs were under seige from various atheist arguments on the net.  But for a while I just kept willing God to exist.  I wanted to believe. 

The tipping point was when I could no longer regard God as being good.  I got to the point where I regarded Satan as being more moral than God.  At least he had the balls to stand up to God’s meglomaniac desire to create angels and humans that worship him for eternity.



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