Should the moral character of PM Kevin Rudd be brought into question?

27 04 2010

H/T Andrew Bolt blog. 

I am wondering why Australia’s PM has now put the ETS (carbon emissions trading scheme) on the back burner until 2013. 

Krudd the dud Rudd approximately two years ago stated:

“The biggest challenge the world faces in the decades ahead is climate change. It is the great moral and economic challenge of our time.”

Now the media is reporting, “Labor shelves emissions scheme

I’ve always disliked K. Rudd although admittedly I dislike virtually all politicians these days believing them to be generally deluded, ignorant and sometimes even deliberately immoral and power lusting (the worst kind).  K. Rudd’s forays into economic legislation have been appalling.  While the guy looks like a geek, I certainly doubt Rudd’s wisdom, he’s clearly ignorant of good economic theory at least and in addition he’s a classic pragmatist IMO.  eg/ John Humphries’ article “Ruddomics: the crisis“, or my thoughts on Rudd’s address to the CIS (Centre for Independent studies) from Aug 2008.  Brookesnews is also undoubtedly an excellent source of data and commentary on Rudd’s economic ignorance. 

Various sources in the MSM have been insinuating the PM is arrogant due to his record of temper tantrums.  The first one I remember was back in April 09 – his abuse of an RAAF air hostess who provided a meal not in line with his special dietary requirements.  This article sums up Rudd’s record of tantrums well. 

But now, I’m wondering does the abandonment of the ETS indicate that the PM lacks moral principles generally?  Or is this move just a political strategy?  Or does Rudd have such an extreme 🙂 pragmatist epistemology that he now no longer believes in this “great moral challenge”?  Does Rudd value his job and popularity as being more important than “great moral challenges”?  It’s a difficult assessment and to be honest, I don’t care enough to look into to it deeply because I’ve got better things to do with my life than spending too much time thinking about KRudd (unfortunately political issues which include character assessments of elected leaders do affect us all and demand some attention). 

Maybe I’m being too harsh but I cannot think why I should give this PM, who IMO has been demonstrably destructive to the lives of ordinary Australias, the benefit of the doubt.




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