Article recommendation: “Big Fat Lies”

27 04 2010

Over at the Paleo blog “Raisin Hell” is an excellent article, “Big Fat Lies” discussing the colossal failure of Australia’s NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Centre) – an agency I believe should properly be abolished for both moral and practical reasons. 

The first paragraph is classic:

“What do you do when a strategy you’ve been executing for almost 30 years is plainly not working? If you’re the nutrition hierarchy in Australia, apparently the answer is you just keep doing what you’ve always done.”

You can apply this statement to many many government departments and regulatory schemes. 

A cynical person would be forgiven for noting that the higher the rates of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders in this country, the more secure the jobs of those employed by or receiving grants from the NHMRC. 

Additionally, I’d like to plug Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories, Bad Calories



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