Atheism is not an ideology!

13 04 2010

I think it is unfair and incorrect to generalise about atheists.  eg/ Some religious apologists allege atheists are nihilistic, or more likely to use drugs or more likely to be immoral and other various slurs. 

Atheism is one non-belief – albeit a fundamental non-belief.  An atheist simply rejects the existence of God.  But an atheist may not even believe in primacy of existence.  

Over a couple of years I have noticed generalisations about atheists being made by religious apologists and recently I have made some comments on various blogs as to my concerns about doing this: 

For example, today I posted a comment on Cattalaxy (see here for full discussion) and I wanted to record a short excerpt here on my blog:

“Atheism tells you little about a person’s ideology apart from one non-belief. ie: It doesn’t tell you what they actually do believe. On the other hand, you can draw conclusions about religious people’s ideology eg/ ALL religious people necessarily believe in primacy of consciousness at metaphysical level, belief in a power higher than the individual, acceptance of faith as valid epistemology, altruistic moral code. Or on a more superficial levels you can also draw conclusions eg/ Virtually ALL Christians celebrate Christmas. You can’t do this with atheists.
A good example, I know at least three atheists who believe in ghosts. ie: they do not reject the supernatural realm as I do.

Update 16/4/10:  Over at Paul McKeever’s blog  Paul conicidentally has a related post on why he doesn’t like to call himself an atheist.  He writes:

“Paul McKeever is not an atheist. One cannot be identified by what one is not. And, no, atheism did not “cause” communism. A zero cannot “cause” anything.”

“To clarify: I’m not an aSanta-ist either.”




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