South Africa – going the way of Zimbabwe?

6 04 2010

Interesting article.  “White farmers being wiped out” H/T Andrew Bolt. 

While holidaying in Sth Africa a few years ago, I was disgusted by ANC president, Zuma.  He seemed most likely corrupt (allegations of arms dealing from memory), a possible rapist (I’m not sure of the trial outcome) and a socialist (even further left than most of the ANC!).
So, at the time (about 5 years back), I decided South Africa was in bad shape.    

I also happened to talk to a few old Rhodesians who were convinced Sth Africa’s economy would crumble like Zimbabwe’s if the political and cultural trends continued. 

Several old Rhodesians I happened to meet (who did not know each other) also believed the South African tribes have a more violent culture than the indigenous populations of Zimbabwe.  This idea stuck in my mind because I heard it come up several times. 

South Africa is of course world reknown for it’s violence and I’ve met several Sth Africans with absolutely horrific stories to tell.  Really horrible stuff.  Everyone Sth African seems to know someone who was murdered, raped or stabbed sometimes right in front of their eyes. 

I decided the violence might explain why the Sth Africans were more religious than Australians.  The country was highly altruistic in its culture – noticeably moreso than Australia where altruistic ethical theories already dominate.  I was constantly reminded of this on TV, in the news, from people I chatted to.  I noticed (as a lover of heavy metal music) that there was virtually no heavy metal in the country – nothing.  I noticed that people my age were generally more conservative.  It seemed to me that the young were generally scared, and not rebellious as you see in Australia, the US and the UK.  I suppose in the absense of anything better, you take religion more seriously when you’re on edge – it’s quite common to see houses surrounded by electric fences. 

Anyway, back to politics.  IMO, Zimbabwe was (and is) a classic case of the destruction that ensues when a government ceases property rights protections. 

Across the border, South Africa’s ANC aren’t exactly into property rights either.  eg/ Their racist Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003 which aimed to to have 40% of shares on the JSE Securities Exchange owned by black business.  The aforementioned article also provides further evidence of the statist politics in South Africa:

“Recently the government’s department of rural development has been airing proposals to nationalise productive farmland as a “national asset”. Critics claim it is designed to deflect criticism from the ruling ANC’s failures. 

South Africa gets called a “2nd world country”.  Will it become “3rd”?  Hopefully not, but big changes are needed.




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