Two articles worth reading.

29 03 2010

1) This Vancouver Sun article by David Seymour:
Earth hour is an annual occult exercise: Festival has no effect on climate and sends wrong message“. 

2) Mark Steyn at The National Review:
Tattered Liberty

Mark discusses the possibility that the once mighty USA will soon fall in a big way using historical examples of how quickly great empires and cities can go backwards. 

“Permanence is an illusion – and you would be surprised at how fast mighty nations can be entirely transformed” 

Oactivist Wendy posted a comment (to the Oactivist mailing list) on Mark’s article.  I’ve reprinted about half of her comment below.  I think she makes a very good point although I suspect this comment would be quite controversial to many people. 

“America is THE economic driver of the world. Despite all the talk of
globalization, in reality, the money comes from America. The
innovation comes from America. American markets are critical to other
countries. If America goes fundamentally statist, there will be nobody
and nothing in the world to drive that level of economic power. And
where there is no economic growth, there is decline (first the
engineers and scientists get laid off…Atlas Shrugged has the
sequence). Europe would be in the Dark Ages at this time if there were
no America, and not just because of our military umbrella.

As an example, three-quarters of the Top 100 pharma and biotech
companies are American. Almost half of the world market for
prescription drugs is the U.S.

Or, viewed from the other side: Norway sells oil. Why is oil needed?
And what would happen to Norway if America cut back drastically on oil
use because of cap-and-trade? (And if America went cap-and-trade, a
lot of countries would feel compelled to follow, worsening Norway’s
problem). And what would then happen to Sweden, which sells Volvos?
Sweden also sells cell phones. Who developed cell phone technology in
the first place? Apply this kind of analysis across all of Europe and
across all economic sectors, and you start to see the gaping holes in
the idea that America can also be just another cozy mediocrity.




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