Dietary updates.

18 03 2010

A new epedeiological study published in the British Medical Journal this January shows an inverse relationship between Vit D intake and risk of colorectal cancer. 

I included this table to also show that interestingly Vit A intake correlated with increased colorectal cancer incidence, the apparent protective properties of Vit D seem to be negated by Vit A:

Table 5  Incidence rate ratios for risk of colorectal cancer by increasing levels of circulating 25-(OH)D and alcohol and dietary retinol

  Categories of circulating 25-(OH)D (nmol/l)
1 (<50.0) 2 (50.0 to <75.0) 3 (≥75.0)
Sex specific categories of dietary alcohol intake level (g/day)
1 (men <1.0, women <1.0) 1.13 (1.03 to 1.26) 1.00 0.82 (0.70 to 0.96)
2 (men 1.0 to <25.0, women 1.0 to <15.0) 1.19 (1.07 to 1.32) 1.04 (1.00 to 1.08) 0.85 (0.75 to 0.98)
3 (men ≥25.0, women ≥15.0) 1.46 (1.16 to 1.83) 1.25 (1.02 to 1.52) 1.01 (0.74 to 1.29)
Tertiles of dietary retinol intake level (µg/day)
1 (<503.5) 1.23 (1.10 to 1.37) 1.00 0.73 (0.62 to 0.86)
2 (503.5 to <998.8) 1.20 (1.08 to 1.33) 1.01 (0.96 to 1.06) 0.78 (0.67 to 0.90)
3 (≥998.8) 1.12 (0.90 to 1.34) 1.04 (0.87 to 1.22) 0.94 (0.71 to 1.22)

Data are incidence rate ratio (95% confidence interval) derived from the multivariate adjusted models described in the text based on a dose-response analysis with pre-defined categories of circulating 25-(OH)D and sex specific categories of alcohol, and tertiles of retinol intake. Alcohol P value for interaction=0.283. Dietary retinol P value for interaction=0.030. For the analyses involving retinol, the total number of colorectal cancer case-control sets is 1220 due to missing nutrient data from Greece.

 Secondly, Objectivist blogger Diana Hsieh of the Noodle Food blog has set up a new web site called “Modern Paleo“:

“We regard Objectivism as compatible with a paleo approach to nutrition, fitness, and health. Yet we recognize that most Objectivists do not eat a paleo diet, just as most paleo diet advocates are not Objectivists. We’re happy to forge our own path to secure our life, health, and happiness. That’s what it means to be human.”

  • Modern Paleo Blog offers a steady stream of writings by Objectivists on paleo nutrition, fitness, and health. It is managed by Christian W., with contributors drawn from the mailing list.
  • Modern Paleo Principles outlines the basic principles of paleo nutrition, fitness, and health. It includes a slew of links for further reading.




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