Promote Human Achievement Hour, not Earth Hour.

12 03 2010


Objectivist Michelle Minton has created Human Achievement Hour.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Michelle states:

Human Achievement Hour, created by me under the Competitive Enterprise Institute banner seeks to do two things.
1. to increase awareness that environmentalism is really anti-human, and
2. to increase awareness of individual achievements that improve the quality of life on earth for human beings. It stresses that new technologies (including “green” tech) are built upon the past achievements of individuals whom were free to experiment and create. If we impede experimentation now in the name of environmentalism we won’t have the innovations of the future. I became aware of Edison Hour, a similar event, only after I began publicizing HAH, but I have since tried to work with the other group and hope to increase cross-participation this year.”

Quoting from Michelle’s article

“Green and private conservation are fine. We have no problem with an individual (or group) that wants to sit naked in the dark without heat, clothing, or light. Additionally, we’d have no problem with the group holding a pro-green technology rally. That’s their choice. But when this group stages a “global election” with the express purpose of influencing “government policies to take action against global warming,” we have every right as individuals to express our vote for the opposite

If our Human Achievement Hour is at all a dig against Earth Hour, it is so only by the fact that we are pointing out what Earth Hour truly is about: it isn’t pro-earth, it is anti-man and anti-innovation. So, on March 28th I plan to continue “voting” for humanity by enjoying the fruits of man’s mind.”

Earth hour is at 8:30pm Saturday March 27th in Australia. 

An interesting fact about Earth Hour is that turning off your lights for one hour doesn’t significantly reduce CO2 emissions because the electricity generating power plants do not power down in this time.  Once again, we see the parallels between environmentalism and religion.  Human sacrifice is of primary importance and “inconvenient truths” ie: facts are not considered.  Just like how the proposed ETS scheme in Australia would have absolutely no measurable impact on average global temperature even if we accept the reliability and accuracy of the various and controversial computer modelling systems.



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