Two reasons why 99% of conspiracy theories are rubbish.

11 02 2010

Reason 1) The Objectivist concept of the “arbitrary”  See here

This concept is similar to “burden of proof“. 

Basically, there are millions of possibilities that can be dreamt up.  An infinite amount of wrong answers but only one right answer.  It would be foolish and impossible to attempt to assess every crazy idea someone dreams up within their mind.  You should have some hard evidence to even begin to consider a hypothesis. 

In the words of the famous scientist Wolfgang Pauli, an arbitrary assertion is “not even wrong”  – I love this saying.  Amongst scientists, this is the ultimate insult.  Via Wikipedia/ The phrase was coined by the early quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who was known for his colorful objections to incorrect or sloppy thinking.  Rudolf Peierls writes that “a friend showed [Pauli] the paper of a young physicist which he suspected was not of great value but on which he wanted Pauli’s views. Pauli remarked sadly, ‘It is not even wrong.’ ”

Reason 2) Governments are incompetent!  (obviously this reason only applies to government conspiracy theories) 

Do people really believe a government is capable of orchestrating an elaborate conspiracy and maintaining secrecy year after year?  My estimation is that most politicians struggle to tie their own shoe laces.  eg/ Our current prime minister can’t even explain himself to teenagers.  See article here  The idea that governments are good at covering up vast conspiracies is not impossible, but certainly improbable. 

 – But of course, that’s why they want you to believe.  🙂



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3 09 2010
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5 02 2013

I Think that article, “Two reasons why 99% of conspiracy theories are rubbish. Tim’s blog” was in fact good! I actuallycould not agree along with u even more! At last seems like Idiscovered a blog page well worth reading. Many thanks, Declan

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