Lord Monckton on Alan Jones’ radio show

29 01 2010

I immensely enjoyed this interview with Lord Monckton.  Lord Monckton needs no introduction as I’m sure all global warming skeptics have followed his efforts over the years. 

I was greatly pleased to hear Lord Monckton was interviewed by Alan Jones simply for the exposure he would have received.  Alan Jones is one of Australia’s biggest talkback radio hosts. 

Monckton makes a few great quotes, for example:

Monckton makes a similar point to the famous Junk Science page on the Kyoto Count Up! (one of my favourite links for sending to environazis).  He points out how even if all western nations cut their emissions by 30% (which is 6X the Rudd’s government’s current aim!), the alleged change to global average temperature would be 0.02C.  ie: Unmeasurable! All this for the bargain basement price of trillions of dollars! (ie: a lot of human life). 

“…..and it’s that kind of utter disconnect between the real world and the policies that the world governing classes are following that is so extraordinary” 

I was also very pleased to see Monckton stand up to Kevin Rudd.  Kevin Rudd apparently personally attacked Monckton in his public speech.  Monckton draws attention to Kevin Rudd’s use of ad hominem.  
Certainly in my repeated experience, Kevin Rudd is pathetic on an intellectual level – IMO, an embarassment to himself and the country. 

I also commend Lord Monckton for pointing out the reality of the “climate change” debate.  ie: Environmentalism is about politics, not about the environment.  The real danger to humanity is totalitarian government.

And finally I had no idea that our PM K Krudd, took 114 staff in a jet to Copenhagen (publicity staff , photographers included of course) at the taxpayers expense.  Appalling.




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7 03 2010
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