The growth of Pentecostal Christianity.

19 01 2010

I was brought up as an Anglican Christian by my highly religious mother.  But it all seems so foreign and ridiculous to me now, approximately 10 years after I made the choice to accept reason into my life and be healed :). 

Even when I was an introverted, superstitious and highly religious child I thought the Pentecostal types were a little creepy and weird.  Today, I really think they’re crazy.  The talking in tongues, miracle healings, banning sex before marriage.  Early morning TV shows where old people are pushed out of wheel chairs.  Ughhhhh.  But according to some, Pentecostal Christianity is actually the fastest growing religion!  

I’ve never attended a Pentecostal service however I did once attended a “Planet Shakers” conference at the Entertainment centre, run by the Assembly of God Church when I was about 20 or so.  My reaction toward what I assessed as thousands of brain washed teenagers behaving very strangely; horror. 
A friend of mine with Polish heritage actually has a funny story of trying to hook up with an attractive girl obsessed with the Assembly of God church.  He attended a service and apparently they did a bit of the old talking in tongues routine (see glossolalia).  So he spouted off something in Polish but surprise surprise, even with the power of the holy spirit, the interpreter got the translation totally wrong.  (God hates the Polish :)).    

Anyhow, Paul Hsieh has a nice but disturbing little article on the NoodleFood blog that links to this article:  “New face of religion in Latin America” 

What’s distrubing?  The fact that in terms of politics, the Latin American Pentecostal Christians are generally more socialist while still retaining the typical anti-homosexual, anti-abortion, drug prohibition, censorship friendly views of the Christian right in the US.  ie: The worst of both worlds combined.  As Paul notes, this position is more consistent with Christian doctrine. 

Paul states: “if we want America to survive, we must be willing and able to advocate our ideas — namely, reason, ethical egoism, and individual rights”

I agree and also encourage those friendly to Objectivist ideas to proudly and loudly point out the fundamentally anti-reason, self immolating, collectivist attributes of religion generally and to suggest superior alternatives.



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