Why Typical Conservative Christians are not Ultimately Supporters of Freedom.

24 12 2009

I believe that Christian ideology and freedom/capitalism are not compatible. 

I read this article on drug prohibition by Mary Garber yesterday and I think it is a perfect example of the muddled and ultimately anti-freedom ideology of the typical Christian conservative. 

I posted this comment, but at number 163 I doubt too many people will read it. 

“What a great example of why conservative Christian right wingers are terrible defenders of freedom.
Reason and logic should be used to defend capitalism and freedom. But that is lacking this article.
eg/ The author states: “legalizing marijuana will remove the freedom employers now have to test for the judgment-impairing drug” Utter nonsense. In a free society an employer should be allowed to screen his employees for anything he wishes.
The author assumes that you can force morality onto a populace. False. You cannot force people (via legislation) to care about their health and well being. Self destructive or hedonistic tendancies in a person are indeed immoral, but as the war on drugs demonstrates, attempting to enforce morality per se is counter-productive (and anti-American). eg/ religious dictatorships like Iran.
Then the article states that “tradition” and “the bible” are proper standards for legislation. This is both false and dangerous. This is clearly not objective law based on reason. 
Incidentally, the once proud and free USA was founded by Deists, not by Puritans. The oppresive, collectivist, fear mongering, un-democratic history of Christianity is anti science, anti freedom and anti human life as the dark ages clearly demonstrated. Thankfully the ancient Greek texts were re-discovered in the west allowing the re-birth of science and the age of reason.”




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