Objectivist blogger Gus Van Horn has reviewed Adelaide based professor Ian Plimer’s book, “Heaven and Earth”

24 12 2009

Objectivist blogger Gus Van Horn has reviewed Ian Plimer’s book for The Objective Standard, see https://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2009-winter/ian-plimer.asp

It’s certainly not a complementary review:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if a scientist wrote a book carefully documenting and explaining, in layman’s terms, the cases for and against man-made global warming?……………Unfortunately, Heaven and Earth utterly fails to deliver on its promise.”

“Plimer does say the theory is false, but he does not address the subject scientifically. His work is sloppy, inconsistent, and frequently self-contradictory.”

Gus Van Horn is certainly not impressed with the clarity of this book. 

I probably won’t read this book but I had not committed to do so.  Actually, because I have university science training, I’m more interested in evaluating pure physics and physical chemistry articles on global warming when I get the time.  Blogger Jennifer Marohasy’s blog in particular looked interesting.  She has compiled some collections of scientific articles at various times over the last few years.  I used to be pretty good with my theory on infra red electromagnetic radation inducing higher vibrational and rotational energy levels.  The types of light interactions, the molecular symmetry considerations etc.  – It would be nice to brush up on some theory. 

Incidentally, I came across an article yesterday linking CFCs to global warming!  “Study shows CFCs, cosmic rays major culprits for global warming”   http://insciences.org/article.php?article_id=8012




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