Letter to Tony Abbott on proposed mandatory internet censorship

18 12 2009


Vote no on proposed mandatory internet filter:

 I am writing on the hope that your party will oppose internet censorship in this country. 
Mandatory government censorship of this kind violates an individual’s right to his freedom and ultimately therefore his right to his own life. 
There are many practical arguments against internet censorship (cost, difficulty, concerns over free speech, the total lack of necessity considering free private filters are readily available etc).  More importantly however, this is immoral legislation that would see government abdicate its proper duty to protect our freedom and instead act as a violator of our proper freedom.  I hope you will fight the good fight and seek to actively protect Australians from this unnecessary, harmful and immoral proposal,

 Thankyou for your time

H/T Thoughts on Freedom blog.

Update 22/2/2010:  “Thank you for your email to the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Tony Abbott MP.  Your views have been brought to Mr Abbott’s attention.” 

If you want to email Mr Abbott:  Do it at least 3 months in advance!




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