Turnball – Enemy of humanity.

11 12 2009

Final nail in the coffin for Turnball after his recent pro ETS comments

According to Turnball:

“Somebody has to pay”

Well at least he’s honest enough to identify that forced CO2 reduction will place a cost on human lives.  However that’s not good enough.  Human life is the proper standard of morality and now that Turnball has made his anti-human life agenda clear, he has certainly lost any chance of me voting for him – forever. 

Making everyone poorer and restricting their freedom will not help humanity in any way.  If CO2 is a big problem (which I doubt although I have always conceded that the world has gradually increased it’s average temp), then technology and innovation (encouraged under capitalism) are the best tools to fight this potential problem.  Increasing statism and socialism doesn’t help anyone except for a few deranged, parasitic politicians. 

And incidentally, Turnball’s comments really do come across as sour grapes over his leadership loss.




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