LTE 25/11/09

24 11 2009

Sending this in today in response to the “ClimateGate” affair.

I am constantly amazed at how most people in our society are unwilling or unable to identify the fundamental aspects to current events and instead focus on trivialities.  The ongoing climate change debate is a classic example.  Unbeknownst to most, the climate science itself is actually of secondary relevance to most people.  The real issue is one of government control.  The ETS, and all other schemes presuppose that it is beneficial for a government to restrict, control or penalise the peaceful, voluntary, mutually beneficial business interactions between individuals and indeed whole industries.    However, an historical analysis clearly demonstrates that the more economic freedom in a country, the better the environment fares. eg/ Chernobyl vs 3-mile island.  Not only this, the more economic freedom in a country, the more technological innovation to solve actual or perceived problems such as climate change.  eg/ the IT industry is one of the least regulated and most innovative.  So why are so many, so willing to jump to the conclusion that force backed government intervention is necessary or beneficial? 
The reality is that everything we do to sustain our lives has an impact on nature. Every value we create to advance our well-being, every ounce of food we grow, every structure we build, every technological gadget, is produced by extracting raw materials and reshaping them to serve our needs. Despite what the masses believe, human survival depends on freedom and it is entirely natural for humans to alter the environment for their own benefit.  To suggest otherwise is to promote human death and nihilism.

Update: Published in Adealide Advertiser with some editing as I expected.  Actually I’m surprised such a large LTE got in.



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