Toughening of Marijuana laws in Western Australia. Depressing news on the state of freedom in Australia

12 10 2009

Michael Sutcliffe notes the Western Australian’s Liberal party’s plans to toughen cannibas laws:

The following is copied from the Discussion section on the ALS blog site:

“Another step backwards for Australia:

Tough new laws on cannabis use,25197,26195008-12377,00.html

I love this bit:

Under the second new law WA police will be given unprecedented powers to frisk people for drugs and weapons.

The new search law, to be introduced before Christmas, would mean police would no longer be required to prove grounds of suspicion in court.

Is there any such thing as unreasonable search and seizure in this country?

Here’s another article:

There really is some classic lines coming out of the WA Libs:

“It is giving quite extraordinary powers to police but police will operate under their own guidelines and protocols,” he said.

“It will not be abused.”

The Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has welcomed the proposed new laws.

How people accept this I just don’t know. Nation of sheep. Really stupid sheep at that. I say let the wolves eat them.”

My own observations echo Michael’s: 

Why doesn’t anyone in Australia care about this type of thing! 

Where are the mainstream media articles about the anti-freedom nature of these proposals?

Why don’t people in this country have any understanding of the importance and necessity of freedom to human existence and prosperity? 

Sometimes the problem of getting people to understand the importance of freedom really seems overwhelming.  History and a majority of people are (and have always been) against those few who understand and fight for freedom. 

But as pointed out to me by blogger Ed Cline, in a sense you have no choice but to keep fighting for what you believe in.  Many choices you make are either good for your life or bad.  You have to keep choosing to live and fight because the alternative is the road to death.




2 responses

12 10 2009

Good news, I support this.

14 10 2009
Tim R

So what?

I’m quite aware that most people like you are ignorant about these issues.

Did you read the reply to your other comment?

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