Peter Schiff as Seantor – Good or Bad?

7 10 2009

Peter Schiff came to my attention over here in Australia with his YouTube videos where he is shown repeatedly warning of the financial crisis. 

Now he’s running for Senate.

I suppose the US (and Australia for that matter) could do with some politicians that had a better understanding of fundamental economic principles and free markets.  

However, if you ask me you can’t change people’s fundamental beliefs politically, especially these days when politics means populism. 
Art, business, technology and philosophy (religion) are more powerful at influencing culture.  And I think that’s what needs to happen because people think socialism is ethically better than capitalism.  That’s a deep (and wrong) belief that has to change.  Why is the world constantly finding ways to increase government expansion and control in ever more subtle ways? – even though we have the science of economics which clearly shows capitalism to be the superior system for providing the greatest prosperity overall.  Keynesian economics is IMO clearly wrong to an honest analysis – but people like it and the fact that people like it and are attracted to it, is the real problem that needs dealing with.



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