Marijuana controversy

1 10 2009

IMO, All illict drugs should be legalized for both moral and practical reasons.  Like many people I think the “war on drugs” has been incredibly harmful to innocent people.  I think government policy is directly responsible for significant loss of human life and increased crime. 
In addition I believe government should protect our freedoms and rights, therefore I think the government has absolutely no place in controlling what a person wishes to do to their own body.  If they government attempts this, they necessarily violate our rights and abdicate upon their proper duty to protect our freedom. 

I just stumbled across this one-sided opinion piece at Opposing Views: 

The Mainstream Media’s 5 Favorite Marijuana Myths

By National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

But what I found amusing was the last point #5.   

“According to a new study posted online in the journal Health Communication, survey data published by investigators at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania found that many of the government’s public-service announcements actually encouraged pot use.

Researchers assessed the attitudes of over 600 adolescents, age 12 to 18, after viewing 60 government-funded anti-marijuana television spots. Specifically, researchers evaluated whether the presence of marijuana-related imagery in the ads ( e.g., the handling of marijuana cigarettes or the depiction of marijuana-smoking behavior ) were more likely or less likely to discourage viewers’ use of cannabis.”



2 responses

1 10 2009

No thanks, illicit drugs are not something I wish to see as part of mainstream society. I feel the war on drugs comes at an acceptable cost.

2 10 2009
Tim R

I feel a lot of things too.
But I generally offer people the courtesy of explaining myself.

Your comment mentions “cost” to society. Starting to tread close to collectivist territory if you ask me. I do not believe “costs” should be forced on to any individual (NB/ I reject “society” as being a higher power).

In addition, you seem to assume that legalization would increase drug use. Well taking a step back and looking at the big picture, say the last 60 years across the western world. As drug prohibition increased, drug use increased dramatically. As a school student and uni student I had access to ANY drug I wanted even with prohibition laws that dish out harsher sentences than actual crimes such as assault, armed robbery, etc. It’s not uncommon for big time drug dealers to do more jail time than rapists and murderers.

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