How well do hollywood movies demonstrate a change in US culture?

21 08 2009

I don’t know any detailed answer to this. 

But I certainly get the impression that some mainstream US movies from 50+ years ago are quite different (in terms of their American patriotism and focus on liberty) than those of today.  There’s far less pragmatist ideology in the characters. 

Two movies I have recently watched are:

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.  1939.

“The Alamo”.  1960.

IMO, there’s no way these movies would be box office hits today.  I doubt characters such as these are even conceivable to people of my generation, they barely are to me and my views on freedom aren’t exactly representative of the majority.   

eg/ John Wayne’s republic speech in the Alamo.  

eg/ James Stewart’s charater’s moment of personal crises outside the Lincoln memorial.




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