It appears there’s still some American left in some Americans!

18 08 2009

The disturbing call for snitchers by the WhiteHouse has been shut down. 

To my knowledge, the first good thing the Obama administration has done – although it doesn’t really count seen as they set it up and probably wasted money on this injustice. 

I assume that the message got through.  (hence the title to this post). 
I could be wrong, but I’m hoping it was the (limited) public outcry mainly in the blogosphere that led to the shutting down of the US government’s dibber dobber  hotline.

Overall, the raging health care debate in the US has given me some encouragment.  It appears there are principled defenders of capitalism in the US.  And I’m extremely glad for their efforts. 

I doubt Australia would see this resistence to a similar proposal.  Of course, we already have an extensive Medicare system designed to cover ALL Australians.  And most hospitals are government owned.  Some medications are tax payer subsidised.  And all healthcare is heavily regulated by agencies such as the TGA.



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