Iran virgin prisoners raped for ‘legal’ executions

22 07 2009

Ahh, the good ol’ religion of “peace” is at it again.,27574,25815969-401,00.html

All religion is bad.  But Islam is the worst of the mainstream religions, and the western world has far too charitable a perception of Islam.  When Islamic law is taken seriously and applied politically the results are disastrous.  Thankfully Christians don’t take a lot of their ridiculously anti-human, contradiction riddled dogma seriously and therefore we have less problems. 

Atheists should be denouncing all religion.  But they should be denouncing Islam the most – and I just don’t see any evidence of this.  All religions are not equal even though they are all bad (because they all involve supernaturalism and blind authoritarianism). 

Just because many people from Islamic dicatorships are losers (with poor science, lower living standards, anti-human life politics and a legal system that has no sympathy towards individual rights) doesn’t mean they deserve any sympathy. 

The famous statue, Lady justice is blind folded for a reason.  Religion and race should not impact one’s  judgement.

So to all those people out there who think Islam is just another stupid religion.  Well, sure that’s correct, but they are the worst mainstream religion by far and don’t deserve any concessions.   The world needs to outspokenly condemn Islamic dictatorship countries and stop sympathising with those that endorse this evil, anti-human way of life.




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