Manual vs Automatic transmission. Give me one good reason.

21 07 2009

There is actually one good reason for driving an auto.  The ONLY reason I can think of for driving an automatic car is if you have one or less legs or have a leg disability or injury. 

Manual transmission is:

1 Faster – in a straight line and corners
2 More fuel efficient
3 Cheaper (even when many more autos are manufactured, manuals are still cheaper!)
4 Safer (due to increased control of revs and application of power)
5 Slightly less boring to drive
6 More control and a smoother ride – easier to stop and start smoother
7 FAR less wear and tear on brakes (I don’t think I have to explain this, it’s obvious) 
8 Manual cars can be jump started.

I have just bought a commodore station wagon and it is perfect (for my transportation needs) except for one thing. 
Unfortunately my model car does not come in a manual. 

And I blame the general public, not the car companies – although the car companies aren’t perfect either. 
Honestly, back in the 60s-70s when the move to autos was happening in Australia, how did people put up with possibly the most embarrassing piece of crap ever invented:  The Tri-matic transmission! 
How can people possibly not care about the pitiful, pathetic, petrol, brake, speed and fun destroying 4-speed auto that comes stock standard in V6 Holdens these days!  It’s crazy. 
I think that average joe must actually prefer automatic transmission – but for absolutely no rational reason what so ever.

Is it laziness? Possibly, but that’s pretty extreme laziness.
Is it that many people are born too retarded to learn manual? I’d say that’s scientifically impossible.
Is it a total lack of interest in cars? I doubt it, everyone likes cars, don’t they want the best for themselves?
Is it a lack of confidence in combinations with a total lack of motivation and desire to seek the best in life at all levels? I’d say this is the main reason but would be interested in any comments. 

If only the world was a very slightly better place, I’d have my perfect car right now.




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