Woman charged for using abortion pill

8 07 2009

Woman charged for using abortion pill:  http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,25751270-5005962,00.html

Unfortunately, although Australia is less religious than the US (and most countries), religious people are a majority and of course altruist ethical theory (thanks to Judaism/Christianity) dominates.  As far as I know, abortion is still actually illegal in Australia even though it is not prosecuted. 

It appears that using the pill RU486 is wrongly illegal.  (This really makes my blood boil) 

The article says: “Pro-choice advocates have blasted the decision to charge the couple, saying it’s an unprecedented breach of the rights of women” 
This comment is extremely encouraging because they have focused in on the fundamental issue here.  The right of the women to her own life. 

Who are these pro-choice advocates?  The article doesn’t say.  What a pity. 

But there is a very concerning aspect to this short article:
“Dr De Costa said Queensland law did not offer protection for “non-surgical abortions” and she has stopped prescribing the controversial drug RU486.  She has urged her colleagues across the state to take similar action.”

This is direct evidence of how the TGA and regulations generally, lower our standard of living, violate our rights and basically make life worse for everyone. 

Because a doctor should not be basing medical decisions on “will I be prosecuted if …..”  That simply shouldn’t come into it. 

I want my doctor solely focused on “how do I cure or help this person” – no strings attached.  That’s what I want to pay for.  Unfortunately the law does its best to remove that possibility. 

Politicians tell us the TGA is there to protect us or help us.  Unfortunately people believe them even in the face of commonly available evidence such as above, that shows regulations harming us.  Evidence that they see with their own eyes on a daily basis.    

Do people run to a government agency when they break their arm?  No of course not, that would be totally useless.  They run to a doctor. 
Yet, they then think it’s OK to turn around and through use of government force, instruct the doctor what he can and can’t do.  When someone’s free will is removed and they are forced into following orders, this is called SLAVERY. 

Is it sensible to enslave doctors?  Of course not. 

We should respect doctors and allow them to use their human faculty of thought (thought requires free choice) . 
Why does thought require free choice and freedom?
1) You have to choose to think – it is simply impossible to force a mind (unless you simply destroy a child’s mind).
2) Thinking is pointless unless you have the freedom to act on your thoughts.  Therefore freedom is required or thinking is pointless and will occur much less.

Who’s the one unconsious on the operating table when something goes wrong?  You are. 
Who’s going to save your life?  The government!  I don’t think so. 

What kind of people are we encouraging to become doctors?  The ones that are happy not to think.

What kind of people are we discouraging from being doctors?  The best ones.

This is why I think the only explanation for this irrationality in society is philosophical/psycho-epistemological.  In this day and age, this irrationality is ingrained in our culture due to bad philosophy.  A soceity indoctrinated by enforced government education/science monopolies that work to retard the normal development of the human mind. 

For anyone interested in the reasons ACTUAL free-market medicine is far superior to ANY form of government intervention, I recommend this US site and blog:  See http://www.westandfirm.org/ “Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine”



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