Will the world join the dots on Iran now?

17 06 2009

Probably not. 

While it was always obvious, the recent elections in Iran clearly demonstrate that this is not a free country.  Iranian government obviously does not protect the right to peaceful protest and probably rigged the election.  ie: Iran does not even have a democratic system of government (although if the president does have majority of popular support then it would basically be democratic).  More importantly however, Iran definitely does not respect individual human rights.  These elections also highlight the rampant censorship in Iran.

Should you negotiate/bargain/compromise with Islamic dictators who continually demonstrates they don’t play by the rules of negotiation even to their own citizens? 

Obama’s soft stepping, negotiations approach in the Middle East treats these countries as if they were western democracies.  But a country like Iran is not a free country.  It’s a dictatorship, most likely pretending to be democratic, that bases it’s legal code on Islam.  This should be vigorously condemned. 

US President Barack Obama, who has called for dialogue with Iran over its contested nuclear drive, raised “deep concerns” over the election but said he would not meddle in the affairs of the Islamic republic.




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