Prostitution LTE

15 06 2009

Checked the paper today and noticed there was discussion on legalizing prostitution.  Typically the pragmatist, traditionalist, populist, nanny-statist Advertiser was leaning on the side of keeping prostitution illegal. 

So I wrote a quick LTE:

As usual, the reasoning used to justify the illegality of certain actions between consenting adults (eg/ prostitution) follows this formula:  Activity X is bad for you, therefore it should be illegal.  This is a non-sequitor.  Suicide is the ultimate in bad for you behaviour, should we ban that?   
The proper function of governments should be to set up laws that enable a human to PURSUE a moral life, not to attempt to force a version of morality onto people.  Why?  Because aside from the many horrors of totalitarian governments, it is impossible to force an idea onto a human mind.  If you want to stop prostitution, you need to convince both prostitutes and their clients that it is bad for them (and it is psychologically damaging to both parties).  But this is impossible by force.  In fact, the use of force renders the act of thinking futile because what good are ideas that cannot be acted upon? 
To restrict an individual from acting on the decisions of their own mind is to restrict them from the proper process of being human and is itself immoral.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.



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