Must Read

11 06 2009

Great article that primarily presents an Objectivist interpreatation of history and also exposes Obama’s ignorance. 

I have come across the opinion many times that religious philosophy was responsible for the enlightenment, not the revival of Aristotlean logic, (the Objectivist position).  St. Thomas Acquinas revived Aristotle in the west paving the way for the acceptance of logic and reason as valid epistemological tools.  But this idea was in stark contrast to St. Augustine’s Christian philosophy 750 years prior. 

Obama’s speech in Cairo attributed the rise of Islamic nation’s science to Islam, and not to the fact that their scholars stumbled upon the works of the ancient Greeks at Alexandria. 

It is true however to note that the revival of ancient Greek works by Arabic people led to the revival in the west.  But it is obviously false to attribute a revival of ideas from Greek philosophy to religion – but that’s the world we live in. 

Obama is by implication attributing religion as the source to human prosperity and knowledge when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Humans achieved advancement despite religion (even though this meant 1000 years of dark ages), not because of religion. 

Obama also seems to admire Islamic art.  But personally I don’t think it’s of as much value as art from other cultures.  eg/ Islamic art rejected the painting of humans altogether.  How ridiculous.




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