Abortion Doctor George Tiller Murdered

1 06 2009

Sad news:



Dr. Tiller, who called access to abortion “a matter of survival for women,” refused to give up his practice.

What a great statement. 
People always ignore the egoist motivations for raising children and forget the mother’s right to life.  The mother is considered a servant of society or God, a slave to her unborn feutus.  (As if a good mother would have ill intentions for her child anyway).
Your right to your life is the way you can achieve your “survival”.  And in many cases this is very obvious, as little as 150 years ago, many many women (Up to a third of patients who gave birth at hospitals contracted septicaemia) died during child birth before the discovery of asceptic thechniques. 

I have know idea if Tiller considered himself a matyr for his cause.  He must have known he was in danger but probably didn’t believe it would cost him his life in such a violent fashion.



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