Shallow rhetoric wins elections.

26 05 2009

OK, I’ll admit, Obama is a charming speaker. 

But surely anyone can see through an empty speech and meaningless catch phrases?

Answer: No, in our modern society we believe.  Believe in what?  A change we can believe in. 

But empty rhetoric isn’t enough.  Has Obama really worked on actually executing his plans in the realm of reality.  Because that is his job. 

 Obama, 14/11/07:  “Last point, Guantanamo. That’s easy. Close down Guantanamo.”  (the crowd roars, thunderous applause and offers of sexual impropriety follow). 

Obama, 19/5/09:  “Let me be blunt: There are no neat or easy answers here.”

“Obama has issued an executive order that Guantanamo will be shut down no later than Jan 22, 2010. He has tried to charm and persuade our allies to accept some prisoners—and has gotten virtually nowhere. He still hasn’t settled on which procedures will be used to dispose of the cases involving the most hardened al Qaeda detainees. And now, the Senate has voted—by a 90-to-6 margin—to deny Obama the $80 million he sought to pay for closing down Guantanamo.”

“Suppose you were one of the 50 Democratic senators who voted to deny funds for closing Gitmo. You’re not against closing the prison, but you just couldn’t vote to approve the money before you saw Obama’s plan. Did you hear anything in the National Archives speech that would cause you to change your position?

“You don’t have to answer. Shortly after Obama’s speech, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked that very question. His answer was no. “We’re all awaiting the details of the plan, and the president is going to come up with one,” Reid said. Just not yet.”



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