Compulsory Maternity Leave Payments Hit Australia

11 05 2009

The federal government is once again pursuing its ideology of collective sacrifice with it’s latest proposal:  Forcing all tax paying Australians to provide maternity leave.,,25459124-2702,00.html

This is altruist based policy based on sacrifice. 

“Where there’s service, there’s someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master” – Ayn Rand, “The Soul of a Collectivist,” For the New Intellectual

The practical outcomes:  Employment rates will drop (all other things being equal), especially for women. 

Arrogantly, the federal government believes it can better manage decisions for all individual people and businesses.  Our federal government, criminally (at least in an ideal world) decides that it will attempt to destroy the proper, natural human function of planning for the future by adopting a blanket approach to women’s maternity leave. 

The extra monetary and legal requirements as well as extra paper work placed on business will mean that women will now (in many professions) find it harder to get work.  Employers in some professions will not be able to employ as many people. 

Just like minimum wage laws, compulsory maternity leave will unavoidably hurt more people than it helps.  And will hurt all Australians especially in the long run.

And here’s my LTE:

The Federal government’s plan to provide maternity leave will harm all Australians in the long term.  Arrogantly believing it can better manage the personal decisions for all individual people and businesses, our federal government has immorally decided that it will attempt to further restrict the proper, natural, human capacity of planning for the future and taking responsibility and control of one’s life.

This unnecessary welfare will waste the time and money of individuals/businesses/government departments and is yet another burden on the tax payer’s back.  As has happened in Britain, women will become less attractive to employers and will find it harder to get work.

Update 13/5/09:  This letter was published by the Advertiser (Adelaide’s only newspaper).  However they edited it quite severely to remove the word “immoral”.  – And they stuffed up the grammar as a result.  NB/ This editing was not due to the length of the letter

Anyway, the message is clear, no discussion of morality (contrary to the status quo/Christian style morality) in letters to the Advertiser.




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